What struck me most about hearing Tina speak, was how she spoke straight from the heart. Some speakers speak as though they have memorised their speech, somehow their words don’t quite flow; Tina’s words just do.’ Jenni Holden, JMH Office Services

 ‘Tina has that rare capability of making you feel like she is just talking directly to you when she is actually addressing a room full. Her warmth, passion and compassion just shine through.’ Mark Wall, SENine Ltd

I am an accomplished presenter for keynote speeches, MC and conference hosting and ‘talk show’ interviews. I’ve been entertaining audiences since I was a teenager, doing impressions for my fellow Guides around the campfire and being impromptu stand up comedian in the Gang Show to cover up a backstage technical hitch. It went down so well the Guide leader built my comic slot into the show!

My talks are predominantly about discovering your passion and your flow. My own story is around becoming an author by ‘accident’, rediscovering my passion for the written word and for humour. I also talk about my passion for horses; how my own horses led me to much self discovery and to my life’s purpose and legacy in building a horse-powered healing centre for children who have suffered bereavement, loss or trauma. I’ll show you innumerable ways to find your own passions and to leverage on your unique niche talents too. 

As for the talk shows, I do occasional spots on Radio Leicester and will be co-presenting the Saturday morning show on Boundary Sound from October 2008. More details closer to the time!

To book me for your event email tina@tlbmedia.com or call me on 07778 014466


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