Fifty percent of the royalties I receive from the sale of my books will be donated to Shaftesbury Young People to support their equine therapy programme. The therapeutic work with horses is helping young people who live in the Shaftesbury care homes to learn trust, respect and care; values that some of these youngsters had no experience of before they came to Shaftesbury Young People. It has changed their attitudes to learning, to attending school and is helping them understand how to control their behaviour.

‘Our Equine Therapy programme benefits vulnerable children and young people with specific social and emotional needs. Through work with horses young people gain deeper understanding on the impact of their behaviour on others and also learn to be calmer and to gain trust in others.’  Shaftesbury Young People

Equine therapy is changing young lives, maybe even saving them. You can do your bit to help. Buy 100 Ways for a Horse to Train its Human (and the other two!) Buy a giggle for yourself or a friend and give a smile to the children at Shaftesbury Young People. Thank you for supporting us!

For your signed copies email:

Buy one for £3.99 plus £1.00 p+p  Buy all three for just £10 plus £1.95 p+p



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